Darrel Forsgren is a Board Member of the Glacial Minnesota Woman Organization.  He is a retired farmer who still farms when he isn’t fishing or hunting.  He is fascinated by the story of Minnesota Woman.  “Whenever I see someone up there at the Minnesota Woman Monument site, I stop and hand them a Glacial Minnesota Woman brochure.” 

Rudy Butenas is a Glacial Minnesota Woman board member.  He spends a lot of his time hunting and fishing.  “I think that Minnesota Woman is a very important part of history in the area, the state of Minnesota, in fact, of the whole United States.”

Joan Ellison is secretary of the Glacial Minnesota Woman Organization.  She has been interested in Native American history since she first saw the skeleton of Minnesota Woman at the Minnesota History Museum when she was a little girl.  Trained as a biochemist, she heads the GMWO science committee in its attempts to learn more about the world in which Minnesota Woman lived and how it has changed over time.

Rick Johnson was born and raised on a farm near Pelican Rapids.  He graduated from Moorhead State College with a major in history and then taught school in Mt Lake, MN from 1966 until 1977 when he returned to Pelican Rapids to farm with with brothers.  He feels that Minnesota Woman is an interesting part of our history.

Sally Williams serves as the treasurer of GMWO.  She has been researching the discovery and history of Minnesota Woman for more than 10 years and is fascinated by the archaeological event and the glacial era.  Her commitment to the organization is to restore the history of the discovery to Minnesota with the hope that people will treat Nimuué with respect and dignity.

Phletus Williams is the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.  He has been active for nearly 10 years researching data related to the discovery of glacial Minnesota woman in the Pelican Rapids area and named her Nimuué meaning Lady of the Lake.  He enjoys being active on the board and reporting and sharing new findings with the community.

Terri Zentz is retired and is involved in many volunteer activities.  Her favorite is assisting Veterans.  Her interest in Minnesota Woman started when Marcella Rose gave a face and body to the mystery woman.  This peaked her interest in finding out more about the Lady of the Lake.